Spain capital

The Sorolla exhibition in Madrid, the Spanish capital, highlights works of art from private collections for the first time

A MAJOR new exhibition by Valencian artist Joaquin Sorolla has been launched.

Held at the Sorolla Museum in Madrid, it features 44 paintings of children and families by the renowned artist and runs until June 19.

Sorolla was born in Valencia in 1863 and studied drawing at the School of Craftsmen in his hometown before moving to Madrid.

After his death in 1922, his widow Clotilde Garcia ceded the building to the Spanish State with the aim of establishing a museum dedicated to him, inaugurated in 1932.

Madre (Mother), between 1895 and 1900

Children have been a major source of inspiration and the subject of the painter’s works from the start of his career.

Curated by Sonia Martinez and Covadonga Pitarch, the exhibition is divided into three sections: The Center of the Family, The World of Children and The Other Childhood.

The first deals with Sorolla’s family portraits – his wife and three children Maria, Joaquin and Elena.

Sorolle 2
Niños en la playa (Boys on the Beach), 1910

In addition, the exhibition brings together for the first time a selection of portraits of children commissioned from private collections.

The second part shows how the younger children lived, studied, drew and played, with frequent sea and beach scenes.

Finally, the final section shows the darker side of being a child, including scenes of illness and those from more humble backgrounds who had to work to support their families.