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Representative Gibbs introduces bill requiring political parties to reimburse PPP money

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Bob Gibbs, R-Ohio, introduced the Stop Pilfering Everyone’s Paycheck Protection for Election Results (PEPPER) Act, a bill requiring any political organization that has received a loan under the Paycheck Protection (PPP) of the CARES Act repay the loan to the federal government.

Recent reports have shown that the Florida and Ohio Democratic parties have received hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer-supported funding.

As Florida Democrats repaid the money, Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper was recalcitrant, refusing to repay the loan and using it to fund campaign and organizational activities Politics.

According to federal regulations, “businesses primarily engaged in political or lobbying activities” are not permitted to receive loans from the Small Business Administration, the agency administering the Paycheck Protection Program.

This regulation prohibits organizations like the Ohio Democratic Party from benefiting from P3 loans.

“In a time when millions of American workers were laid off, businesses struggled to stay open, and families suddenly lost revenue, the Ohio Democratic Party decided it was more important to violate federal regulations and bail out David Pepper, ”Gibbs said.

“It is clear that the ODP was not eligible for this loan program, but they refuse to return the money. Every PPP dollar they illegally took is a dollar that could have gone to a struggling small business in Ohio.

“The Stop PEPPER Act would require the ODP and any other political organization that has taken PPP funds to return them to the treasury by the end of 2020, because it shouldn’t be for taxpayers to bail out David Pepper because he doesn’t can’t do its job.

After being criticized for accepting a $ 333,000 forgivable loan from the federal program, the Ohio Democratic Party announced it would be converted to a private loan.