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London weather: Met Office hourly forecast as capital to see temperatures soar once again

Temperatures in London are set to soar this week, forecasters predict. Summer swept in last week after temperatures reached an impressive 32.7C in some areas of the capital on Friday June 17.

While yesterday’s cooler weather was a welcome relief from record highs on the hottest day of the year, temperatures are set to rise again. Forecasts don’t predict the mercury will reach the sweltering conditions we’ve seen recently, but Londoners should expect warmer weather.

Another mini heatwave is underway in the coming week, with the Met Office predicting highs of 27C will hit London midweek. Temperatures will peak at 26C today (June 21), predicting it will be “a nice dry warm day with long periods of sunshine and light winds everywhere. A few isolated patches of fair weather clouds could bubble up during the day”.

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Regent’s Park is perfect for a hot summer day

From 8am today the temperature is expected to rise steadily from 14C to 19C by noon. It is expected to continue climbing until 2pm where we see the day’s highs coming between 3pm and 8pm where temperatures will be between 23C and 24C.

It will then be slightly cooler until 11 p.m. with overnight temperatures between 17C and 20C. Tomorrow (June 22) the weather starts to pick up and early risers can expect to wake up to the sun at 8am, which will continue all day until dusk.

From 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. the mercury is expected to rise from 18C to 24C where it then reaches highs of 25C and 27C which last from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. Nighttime temperatures will remain stable around 20°C.

Thursday (June 23) is expected to be another day of hot, dry weather, with highs of 26C expected. From Friday (June 24) temperatures will begin to cool, the day is expected to have highs of 22°C and rain is likely to follow.

According to the Met Office, the outlook for the week is: “Dry, bright and hot with sunny spells on Wednesday and Thursday. After a warm start on Friday, cloudier with heavy showers and becoming cooler. Light winds everywhere.”

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