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Is it convenient to save in this currency and how much is 1000 dollars in Argentine pesos?

today, The Argentine peso is far from a reliable currency and is constantly losing valueIn fact, the peso was the second most devalued currency in 2021, generating a disheartening panorama, which is why many think Save in other currencieseven in bolivian peso to change it later American currency.

How much is 100 Dollar in Bolivian Peso?

100 currently American dollar Their value is close to 700 bolivianos.The Bolivian peso is subdivided into cents, as are the 50, 20 and 10 cent coins, which happened with the Argentine peso, but following the devaluation of the local currency, they became unusable, limited at digital operations, It doesn’t matter though.

Currently, US$100 can get you around $700 Bolivian Peso

even if he bolivian peso seems relatively “stable” compared to Argentinian Peso, There was also a loss of its purchase price. really, In 1988, one Bolivian peso was equivalent to one US dollar.

However, over the past 5 years, bolivian currency has been relatively stableagainst other currencies.

stability which bolivian peso on the fact that Bolivia enjoys one of the Lowest inflation rate in the region And that, despite the intensification after the end of the pandemic and the rise in prices due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, it still remains at a relatively low level.

Indeed, it is estimated that inflation from Bolivia For this 2022 it will be less than 1%Achieve price growth well below developed countries such as Spain or the United States, making this country one of the countries with the lowest inflation in the world.

thanks to Stability of the Bolivian peso and his low inflation, Many Argentines resort to shopping Bolivian peso later to convert them into dollars.

This is explained by the fact that many Argentines have a potential for savings, but this is increasingly reduced (due to the devaluation), so it is not enough for them to save a minimum of 100 US dollars.

How much is 100 Bolivian Peso in Dollar?

100 Bolivian peso almost the same 15 US dollars,

Currently, the minimum wage in Bolivia is 2,250 Bolivian pesos. if we pass it Dollar, we find that minimum income It’s about $320 in dollars in this country.

In terms of the Argentine salary, it amounts to 45,540 Argentine pesos. If we convert this to dollars, we get minimum income Considering this is around $152 dollars in Argentina Exchange of dollars or MEP This is achieved with the purchase of assets in pesos and the subsequent sale in dollars.

The MEP exchange rate is considered by many experts to be the “real value of the dollar”.

Currently in Argentina, the MEP dollar is considered “real exchange rate, since it is a good dollar and virtually unlimited, unlike other exchange rates such as official dollar In which it is impossible for any citizen to access this quote.

How much is 1000 $ Argentine Peso in Boliviano?

Since the currency of Argentina has a great variation in the exchange rate with the national currency There is no single “exchange rate” And the same thing happens when converting Argentine peso to Bolivian peso.

There are several types of exchanges in Argentina or

There are several exchange rates or “quotations” for the dollar in Argentina.

According to Argentine citizens living near the border with Bolivia, you can get 1000 Argentinian $ for 25 Bolivian pesosAlthough only a month ago 35 Bolivian Peso for the same amount of Argentine Peso,

according to many exchange house Close to operate in parallel can be achieved 20 Bolivian pesos for $1,000 in Argentina,

Another way to know how many Bolivian pesos we will get with 1,000 Argentine pesos is to take as a reference blue or informal dollar, Because that is what changes between individuals.

Following the devaluation of the Argentine peso, many savers prefer the Bolivian peso.

Following the devaluation of the Argentine peso, many savers prefer the Bolivian peso.

In this case, Argentine $1,000 is just over US$3, so that US$3 is transferred to bolivian currency That would throw us 21 Bolivian pesos for US$3 or Argentine$1000.

to save money There is a big trend in Bolivian pesos in northern Argentina, although locals confirm that savings in this currency are not something current, but have been happening for years, resulting in devaluation of the Argentine peso, besides the fact that it is easier for people closer to Bolivian territory to use this currency than the US dollar.