Spain money

How much money will La Liga winners receive and how much do they receive for entering the Champions League?

The 2022/23 LaLiga Santander season kicks off on Friday with Osasuna v Sevilla.

Defending Champions real Madridand Barcelonawho have strengthened their workforce this summer, are starting favourites.

Atlético Madridwho knows what it’s like to win the league after doing it twice in the past decade, starts on the second row of the grid.

One of the many questions asked by fans is how much money the LaLiga Santander champion receives, as well as how much money is distributed for each position in the final standings based on the royal decree.

Just over 60 million for the champion

Based on the LaLiga television rights deal, half of the money is to be split equally between the 20 clubs.

The other half is divided into two parts: one is based on what is called the social location of each club, ie. subscriptions, average box office sales over the last five seasons, and each club’s individual involvement in creating usable assets for broadcast.

The second part is based on the ranking, which represents 25% of the income generated by the Royal Decree-Law.

The champion receives 17% of that revenue, with the remaining money going to the last-placed team, which receives 0.25%.

Among the top eight in the league, the difference between each position is around €7m, with that figure decreasing further down the table.

Using the €1.44 billion in 2020/21 La Liga Santander TV rights as a benchmark, half (722 million) would be shared equally between the 20 teams.

Of the remaining 722 million, half is distributed by social settlement and the other half (361 million) is distributed according to the final ranking as follows:

  • First place, 17%: 61.3 million
  • Second place, 15%: 54.1 million
  • Third place, 13%: 46.9 million
  • Fourth place, 11%: 39.7 million
  • Fifth place, 9%: 32.4 million
  • Sixth place, 7%: 25.2 million
  • Seventh place, 5%: 18.0 million
  • Eighth place, 3.5%: 12.6 million
  • Ninth place, 3.0%: 10.8 million
  • Tenth place, 2.75%: 9.9 million
  • Eleventh place, 2.5%: 9.0 million
  • Twelfth place, 2.25%: 8.1 million
  • Thirteenth place, 2%: 7.2 million
  • Fourteenth place, 1.75%: 6.3 million
  • Fifteenth place, 1.5%: 5.4 million
  • Sixteenth place 1.25%. 4.5 million
  • Seventeenth place, 1%: 3.6 million
  • Eighteenth place, 0.75%: 2.7 million
  • Nineteenth place, 0.5%: 1.8 million
  • Twentieth place, 0.25%: 0.9 million

How is the money collected?

The actual money that is collected is based on the ranking of the last five seasons at these percentages: 35%, 20%, 15%, 15% and 15%.

This means that Madrid will receive 35% of the 61 million for winning this season, 20% for finishing second last season, 15% for being champions three seasons ago and 15% for finishing third place ago. four and five seasons, respectively.