Spain money

How much do you earn for winning the UEFA Europa League?

The Spanish city of Seville is ‘benefiting’ from the early summer temperatures this year, meaning huge volumes of fans from Scotland and Germany will be sure to be given liters of fluid to stay hydrated for the final of the Europa League 2022. On Wednesday May 18, Glasgow Rangers and Eintracht Frankfurt face off in the final of UEFA’s second continental competition – the Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid on May 28 – and there is more than silver at stake for the clubs.

Prize money breakdown for the 2022 Europa League

The prize money for Europa League clubs is divided into fixed payments based on attendance and results, and it’s clear that the longer a team continues in the tournament, the more they will recover. That said, the size of a club’s television market will also affect the additional variable payments made.

This season, 2021-22, will see Frankfurt or Rangers earn €8,600,000 ($9,028,108) for winning the title. As runners-up, the other club will take home just over half that amount, or €4,600,000 ($4,828,988).

For clubs already eliminated, fixed values ​​range from a base fee of €3,630,000 to €2,800,000 to qualify for the semi-finals. Here is a full breakdown of the Europa League prize money in 2021-22:

  • Qualified for group stage: €3,630,000 / $3,810,701
  • Match won in the group stage: €630,000 / $661,361
  • Group stage tie: €210,000 / $220,453
  • 1st in the group stage: €1,100,000 / $1,154,758
  • 2nd in the group stage: €550,000 / $577,379
  • Knockout play-offs: €500,000 / $524,890
  • Round of 16: €1,200,000 / $1,259,736
  • Quarter-final: €1,800,000 / $1,889,604
  • Semi-final: €2,800,000 / $2,939,384
  • Second: €4,600,000 $4,828,988
  • Champion: €8,600,000 / $9,028,108