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Do men and women earn the same prize money at Wimbledon?

Novak Djokovic or Nick Kyrgios will win big today at Wimbledon, winning not only the men’s singles title but also £2million in prize money.

The players kept civil relations as the final approached, agreeing on social media that the winner will take the runner-up to dinner once the tournament is over.

And whichever player emerges victorious, the two athletes should have plenty of money in the bank to pay for his evening, with the winner taking home £2m and the runner-up £1,050,000.

Today’s match follows yesterday’s women’s final, which saw Kazakh’s Elena Rybakina defeated Tunisian ace Ons Jabeur, with a 3-6 6-2 6-2 win over world No. 2 Tunisia.

Elena Rybakina received £2million for her efforts, matching the prize money for the men.

In Grand Slam tournaments like Wimbledon, US and French Open, both male and female players win the same amount of prize money in their respective categories.

However, apart from these events, a gender pay gap still exists in tennis, with female players earning around 80% of what their male counterparts earn on average.

Here FEMAIL reveals how many players win at all levels of Wimbledon and how it compares to other tournaments.

Kazakh’s Elena Rybakina won the women’s singles, beating Tunisian ace Ons Jabeur with a 3-6 6-2 6-2 win over world No. 2 Tunisia yesterday.

Australian player Nick Kyrgos will face Novak Djokovic this afternoon at Wimbledon

Australian player Nick Kyrgos will face Novak Djokovic this afternoon at Wimbledon


Wimbledon has an estimated aggregate prize pool of £40m to be split among the winners.

The winners and runners-up of the women’s and men’s individual titles take home the biggest share of the prize money.

The Wimbledon prize money by rounds

Men’s and Ladies’ Singles

Winner – £2,000,000

Finalist – £1,050,000

Semi-finals – £535,000

Quarter-finals – £310,000

Fourth round – £190,000

Third round – £120,000

Second round – £78,000

First round – £50,000

Regardless of gender, winners of the singles will take home the much-wanted £2million.

Meanwhile, their rivals in the tournament final will receive just over half that sum, raking in £1,050,000.

Cameron Norrie, who lost to Djokovic in the semi-finals, walked away with £535,000, more than half his total earnings for 2022.

Meanwhile, players who have made it to the quarter-finals have won £310,000 and players eliminated in the first round receive £50,000 to take home.

Players who win the men’s and women’s doubles all take home £540,000 per pair, while the mixed doubles winners receive £124,000 in prize money.

Meanwhile, winners of the men’s and women’s wheelchair singles are awarded £51,000.

While Wimbledon winners win the same way whether male or female, depending on their category, this has not always been the case.

In fact, female players earned less than their male counterparts.

It wasn’t until 2007 when the rules were changed that they started winning the same amount of prize money.


U.S. Open

Not all Grand Slam competitions pay the same price, however, winnings are equal between male and female players.

In all competitions, even players who have just won their Round 1 match will earn money.

The US Open, which was the first competition to introduce equal revenue between men and women players, had a record total prize pool of £48.1 million ($57.5 million) in 2021.

Emma Raducanu pocketed £1.8m ($2.5m) after beating Leylah Fernandez in the final in September.

It was the same as men’s winner Daniil Medvedev, who beat Djokovic 6–4, 6–4, 6–4 that year.

Fernandez and Djokovic still won £1.03million for their efforts.

Meanwhile, the winners of the men’s, women’s and mixed doubles all took home £548,651 ($660,000) in the competition.

australian open

The overall prize money for the US Open was £44,470,000 earlier this year.

Australia introduced equal pricing for men and women in 2005.

Rafael Nadal took home £1.72 million ($2.07 million) when he won the Australian Open earlier this year, with runner-up Daniil Medvedev walking away from the title with £943,167 ( $1.13 million).

Australian player Ashleigh Barty, who won the women’s competition against American ace Danielle Collins, won the same number of women.

The prize money for the first round of the Open was £61,680 ($74,198).

Meanwhile, Barbora Krejčíková and Kateřina Siniaková beat Anna Danilina and Beatriz Haddad in women’s doubles and won £404,214 ($486,250).

French Open

The estimated overall price for Roland Garros stood at £39.06 million ($46.7 million) when the competition took place in early June.

The French Open introduced equal prize money for men and women in 2006.

Rafael Nadal, won his second Grand Slam title of the year when he competed at Roland Garros, and added £1.95 million ($2.35 million) to his 2022 overall earnings.

The Spanish ace destroyed Casper Ruud 6-3 6-3 6-0 to claim his 14th French Open title on June 5.

Ruud, who is the world No 6 player, won £979,202 ($1.17m) for his efforts.

Meanwhile, Polish player Iga Świątek won the women’s competition against French ace Alizé Cornet and won the same amount of money as Nadal.

Novak Djokovic, who beat British ace Cameron Norrie on Friday, is aiming for his 14th Grand Slam title

Novak Djokovic, who beat British ace Cameron Norrie on Friday, is aiming for his 14th Grand Slam title


While Grand Slam competitions have introduced equal prize money for female and male players, other events around the world have not, and women are always on the losing side.

A 2022 study from published in May showed that male tennis players still earned 34.32% more than their female counterparts, despite tennis having the lowest gender pay gap in the world. sport.

There is a bigger gap between what women earn in Grand Slams compared to men and what they earn on tour.

The Rome Open at the end of May came under fire when it emerged the winner of the men’s singles would take home £714,888, while their women’s counterpart would take home just £283,996.

In 2021, 11 male tennis players have earned over £1million in tour earnings, but only four female players have done so.

The earnings difference also showed that the highest-paid player on the tour – Alexander Zverev – earned £3.8million, while the best-played player Garbiñe Muguruza earned just £1.79million. of pounds sterling.

Meanwhile, at the 2015 Western & Southern Open in Ohio, Serena Williams was paid £411,488 ($595,717) for winning the women’s tournament title while Roger Federer was paid £607,672 ($731,000). $).