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Bale warns against ‘crazy’ player demands

LONDON, UK, June 10 – Gareth Bale has warned that “crazy” demands will have serious consequences for players as he has dismissed rumors he will join Spanish club Getafe after leaving Real Madrid.

Bale, a free agent after his nine-year stint with the European champions came to an end, has again stressed he will work out his future after his summer break.

The Wales captain will take on Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne when Belgium visit Cardiff for the Nations League clash on Saturday.

De Bruyne slammed the competition last week, saying four matches in a week-and-a-half at the end of a long season ‘was asking for trouble’, and complained that he hadn’t had a vacation ‘for eight or nine year”.

“It’s crazy,” Bale said on Friday. “We were talking the other day at lunch and someone said De Bruyne could play 79 games next season and have a three-week break.

“It’s too much and things obviously have to change. Players will tell you that there are way too many games.

He added: “There will be long-term consequences. People’s bodies can’t handle that kind of schedule year after year.

“Something has to change and the people at the top of the game have to do something. Unfortunately, money comes into play. It’s a business and they want to make more money.

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Bale, 32, said last week he had received ‘many offers’ for next season but again stressed he would take his time deciding where to play ahead of the World Cup, which starts in november.

Reports have suggested the forward could stay in Spain with Madrid-based Getafe after their president Angel Torres claimed Bale had been offered to them.

But Bale said: “I’m not going to Getafe. That’s for sure.”

Local club Cardiff, Newcastle and MLS teams in the United States have all been suggested as possible destinations.

“I will have plenty of time to go on vacation and decide my future,” Bale said.

“For sure it (the World Cup) influences him. I just want to play games to be as fit as possible before the World Cup.

“Once I start playing regular football again, my body will become more robust and a bit better, rather than going back and forth.”