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Anambra State Governor Charles Soludo Says He Inherited N109 Billion Debt

The newly inaugurated Governor of Anambra State, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, in an interview with Arise News, said he inherited a debt amounting to N109 billion from the previous administration.

While speaking during the interview, the governor was asked about the funds available for his administration, he started by saying that the state’s verified statement was released on December 31 and therefore is notoriety public.

He then said that the cash available to the state was around 300-400 million naira, while the state had a debt of 109 billion naira. He said, however, that the fund is the basis as they would have to look at other contingencies, contractor debts, draw the line and then move on.

What Soludo says

  • The amount of state debt means the new administration is starting operations with very little capital and a crippling debt profile. Whether or not this would affect the execution of the new governor’s plans is up for debate.
  • The new governor made it clear in the interview that his administration will first and foremost maximize existing opportunities in the state and will be very transparent in its financial dealings and will make every government transaction a public matter.
  • On the incident during his inauguration, between the wife of his predecessor and the former Nigerian Ambassador to Spain, the Governor said: “It’s not a distraction. It was supposed to be, but it has no impact on my work in the office.
  • The Governor however has always maintained that his predecessor is an honorable man, stating that he loves Nigeria.

The newly inaugurated governor is proving to be a transparent leader, granting media an audience and actively engaging his audience on social media platforms.

On the day of the inauguration, he posted an acceptance speech on his Twitter page, part of which read: “Here again I pledge to dedicate every kobo of your tax money to working for you. It’s your government. I’m just your employee. I am committed to a transparent, responsible, judicious and impactful use of your tax money. »

The former administration was headed by Dr. Willie Obiano who attempted to leave the country on the day of his surrender but was apprehended by the EFCC at the airport for various allegations of embezzlement and fraud and has just been released on bail today.