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A “Money Heist” game is coming, and it looks amazing

Money theftalso known as Money Heist, is one of Netflix’s most popular series. Originally intended to be a limited series, Money theft has gone on to spawn five “games” thanks to its enormous popularity, and we’re thrilled about it.

If you haven’t seen the show yet, that needs to change. The Spanish drama follows a group of thieves as they rob the country’s Royal Mint and the Bank of Spain. Through clever use of flashbacks, an unreliable narrator, and time jumps, Money theft manages to weave a complex and exciting story – and now it’s being adapted into a stealth-based game.

Check out Netflix’s reveal trailer La Casa De Papel: theft of money below.

The game is developed by Netflix and indie studio Killasoft for their mobile gaming platform. Revealed during the streamer’s annual Geeked Week, the short trailer featured La Casa De Papel: theft of moneythe beautiful 2D art style. In a tweet, Netflix simply teased, “It’s time to put on the Dali mask. A Money Heist the game is on its way to Netflix.

We don’t know much about this title yet, but it has been announced to be a stealth game and will feature a new storyline set in the world of Money theft. As players pull off high-stakes heists, they’ll need to disable and hack security systems, crawl through vents, and quietly take out guards. The trailer also shows characters wearing Dali’s infamous mask and red jumpsuit as they round up a group of hostages.

During the Geeked Week live stream, the developers also indicated that the game will include safe lock and select mini-games, in addition to various shooting sequences. In terms of release date, we know the game is “coming soon”. Well, as a stealth game fan, they already have my interest.